Help! My Outdoor Kitchen is Done, But I wish I Added a Flattop Griddle

Help! My Outdoor Kitchen is Done, But I wish I Added a Flattop Griddle

December 16, 2020

Help! My Outdoor Kitchen is Done, But I Wish I Added a Flattop Griddle


We’ve all been there. You buy the car and figure you won’t need that steering-wheel warmer…until the first cold-morning commute. Or, you get the supersized TV and skip the soundbar splurge…only to wish for it while bingeing your way through the Star Wars chronology.


It happens with outdoor kitchens, too. You might think you wouldn’t use a dedicated flattop griddle appliance often enough to include one alongside the other built-ins in your outdoor kitchen…until you’re grilling the meat for the main course and don’t have room on the cooking grid for the sides. Or, you realize making breakfast in the outdoor kitchen is a tradition your grandkids expect to continue after every sleepover. Or, you simply get tired of rotating the griddle accessory in and out of storage to swap it with the main grilling grid.


But, while it sure would have been nice to have included a griddle appliance, redoing the outdoor kitchen is out of the question.


Problem solved: An Electric Griddle! These new freestanding griddle appliances are an easy and nearly effortless way to retrofit your outdoor kitchen without cutting into counters, expanding the island or doing any other reconfiguring. They can simply be placed on any non-combustible outdoor kitchen counter, or installed on an optional patio cart. (If you really wanted to build one into the island you could; it just requires an insulated liner or noncombustible cabinet surround.)


An Electric Griddle can be plugged into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet, so it doesn’t need to be plumbed into natural gas lines, or require you to figure out where to place another propane tank without spoiling the esthetics of your outdoor kitchen.


Available in two sizes, the petite Electric Wee Griddle offers a compact footprint that doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, yet has plenty of cooking room on the 16-inch-square griddle surface. The larger GEE75 Electric Griddle has an approximate 28- by 16-inch cooking surface and two independently controlled heating elements.


Both models feature a proprietary design that bonds a cast-iron plate beneath the solid, 304-stainless-steel cooktop. This dual-plate system maximizes efficiency and distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface. The griddles light easily with a push of the power button, and simple control knobs adjust the temperature from low heat to high heat searing.


Other benefits: An Electric Griddle is, arguably, a more versatile alternative to a grill’s standard side burner, and, unlike its gas-griddle cousin, it can even be used in an indoor kitchen (on a non-combustible surface). An electric griddle is a great option if you live in a multifamily residence or have a vacation condo where outdoor gas appliances are prohibited. The Electric Wee Griddle, compact and lightweight at 74 pounds, is especially ideal for use on a balcony. 


Made in France, the Electric Griddles include a drip tray to catch grease runoff. The cooking plate cleans up easily – just place a handful of ice cubes on the still-hot cooking surface to sizzle, steam and loosen residue, before scraping it away with a nylon scrub pad or spatula. (See how easy it is to clean, here.)


Stainless-steel lids to keep out dust and debris, are optional add-ons, and patio carts  with storage, are also available for both models.


The electric griddles come with lifetime warranties on the cooking plate and one-year warranties on other parts.


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