Griddle Cooking

Flat Top Griddle Grills are Flat-Out Fantastic

October 17, 2023

Make room, grills; griddles are claiming their rightful place on the patio. Flat top griddle grills are experiencing skyrocketing demand, making them among the fastest-growing outdoor-cooking products today. They are increasingly being included alongside grills and other cooking appliances in an outdoor kitchen.

What’s the Hype About?

To understand why people are raving about them, it’s helpful to know exactly what a griddle is, what it does, and how it compares to a traditional grill. The biggest difference is the cooking surface. A griddle has a solid cooking surface, while a typical gas or charcoal grill has a slatted cooking grid with openings to the flames below.  

A solid surface has a lot of advantages. For one, it prevents small and narrow foods like asparagus, green beans and sliced onions from falling through the grid. It makes it easier to grill delicate foods like fish filets and scallops.

And, because the entire surface of the food is in direct contact with the hot griddle, it creates a sear like no other. Steaks, smash burgers, pork chops, and more, develop an unparalleled crusty exterior when cooked on a griddle, and that translates to incredible flavor.

A griddle offers tremendous versatility. You can cook all kinds of foods that would be practically impossible to prepare on a standard grill. And it means your outdoor kitchen is not just for dinner anymore; a griddle is great for making breakfast, lunch, hors-d’oeuvres, and even dessert.

Eggs, pancakes, bacon, hash browns? Bring it on! Grilled cheese, patty melts, paninis? No problem. Stir fries, tofu scrambles, fajitas? For sure! Sauteed apple slices, crepes, bananas foster? Sweet!

How to Pick a Griddle

With griddles becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, there are a growing number of brands to choose from. But not all are created equal and it pays to know what to look for.

On most flat top griddle appliances, the cooking surface is made from cold-rolled steel. This material needs regular maintenance and seasoning, or it will rust from exposure to air and moisture. In addition, this surface can heat unevenly, resulting in hot and cold spots.

Le Griddle flat top griddle appliances are tops in the industry in terms of quality and performance. The professional-grade units are made of 304 stainless steel and designed with a patented, dual-plate cooking system featuring a solid, 304-stainless-steel cooking surface bonded to a cast-iron heating plate below. This cast-iron plate amplifies the heat and ensures even cooking temperatures across the stainless-steel griddle surface.

Le Griddle flat top griddles include a removeable grease tray to catch drippings. It lifts off for convenient draining and cleaning. Heavy-duty knobs control each U-shaped, 9,000-BTU, stainless-steel burner.

The company offers models in a wide selection of sizes, mountings and fuel sources. They include the 16-inch, one-burner Wee Griddle; 30-inch, two-burner Ranch Hand; 40-inch, three-burner Big Texan; and 60-inch, four-burner Grand Texan. This supersized unit divides the cooking surface into two two-burner sections for the flexibility to cook multiple foods at different heat levels, or avoid comingling meats and veggies for vegetarian guests.

All models are available for propane gas or natural gas. Electric units are available in the one-burner Wee Griddle and two-burner Ranch Hand models; they can be plugged into a standard outlet.

Le Griddles can be placed on a countertop, mounted on a freestanding cart base (sold separately), or built into an outdoor kitchen island. For built-in installations, either an insulated liner or trim kit (sold separately) will be required, depending on the island materials.

Other optional accessories include low-profile, stainless-steel lids; vinyl covers to protect the lid and knobs; and a starter kit with tools specially designed for cooking on a griddle.

Originally developed and manufactured in France, in October 2023, Le Griddle production moves to Texas, adding to the Lone Star State’s long and celebrated outdoor-cooking history.  

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