5 Reasons Why You Need An Outdoor Flattop Gas Griddle Appliance

5 Reasons Why You Need An Outdoor Flattop Gas Griddle Appliance

December 16, 2020

 Five Reasons Why You Need an Outdoor Flattop Gas Griddle Appliance


If you have a griddle grill-topper accessory, then you already know a flattop griddle is the pathway to outdoor-cooking versatility and some pretty awesome meals.


But, while a griddle accessory is terrific, a dedicated, stand-alone, gas griddle appliance, might suit your needs even better. Here’s why:


  1. A gas griddle appliance doesn’t take up precious real estate on the main grill, so you’ll still have use of the entire grilling grid to cook steaks, burgers, chicken, or whatever your protein choice for a crowd, while simultaneously sautéing the onions and mushrooms, veggies, or other sides on the griddle.


  1. Using the gas griddle appliance in tandem with a gas grill, kamado, pellet grill, or smoker allows you to cook foods at different temperatures at the same time. If you’re indirect-cooking or low-and-slow smoking on the main grill, you can still sear over high heat on the griddle.


  1. You don’t have to fire up the entire grill to make a quick breakfast (a griddle is awesome for bacon, eggs and pancakes!) or lunch (quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches are must-tries!).


  1. Non-meat-eaters can have a designated cooking surface so there is no risk of vegetarian or vegan dishes co-mingling with the carnivores’ fare on the grill.


  1. You don’t have to remove and find a spot to temporarily store the grill’s cooking grids and heat deflector bars to use a gas griddle appliance, like you do when using the griddle accessory. (Nor do you have to store the griddle accessory when it’s not in use!)


Instead a gas-powered Le Griddle is a dedicated, freestanding appliance that’s always ready for action. It can be built right into your outdoor kitchen island when installed in an insulated liner or non-combustible cabinet, or it can sit on top of a non-combustible outdoor kitchen counter.


Available for natural or propane gas, each U-shaped burner cranks out 9,000 BTUs, and lights easily with a battery-powered, electronic igniter. Intuitive control knobs dial in the heat level you want, from gentle warming to full-power searing.


Its proprietary dual-plated design features a 304-stainless-steel solid cooktop bonded to a cast-iron plate. The cast iron material helps to hold and evenly distribute heat and maximize efficiency. Grease runoff is caught in a tray for easy cleanup, and the cooking surface steam-cleans in a snap using ice cubes and a nylon scrubby (check out how easy it is to clean, here).


Available in one-, two- and three-burner models, the compact Le Griddles don’t require a lot of outdoor-kitchen space, yet still have loads of cooking room on the griddle surface.


An optional lid accessory protects the unit when not in use. Patio cart bases are also available if you don’t plan to build your gas-powered Le Griddle into an outdoor kitchen, or prefer to keep it mobile. Storage doors in the cart base hide the propane tank.


Made in France, gas Le Griddles come with a lifetime warranty on the cooking plate and a five-year warranty on the other components. 


Learn more about the cool Le Griddle here, or visit www.LeGriddleUS.com.